Junkers was from the beginning on also using the russian 3133 movement – that’s how we discovered the brand in 2001 – and later got the official swiss distributorship.

Since 2007 Junkers uses in many 3133 chronos the new gilded movements with blued screwes and geneva polish (as the first and only watchmaker so far) .
POLJOT-INTERNATIONAL uses them now also (2008)

ZEPPELIN is also a brand by the Munich manufacture PointTec.de. Responsible for design and production is PointTec boss Willi Birk

2011 many new 3133 models came out and they are so much wanted that often sold out and unavailable for months. So the best is to grab them as long as they are here!


3133 specs:

21 600 half-oscillations
Height 7.35 mm
Side second hand
Date-of-the month calendar
Stopwatch: summing-up action
Sweep-type hand of second counter
Side-hand of minute counter
30-min capacity of minute counter scale
23 Ruby jewels
Balance period 0,33(3) sec
Mean daily rate from -10 to +20 sec/day
43-64 h winding (with stopwatch turned off)

Following our 10 years experience with mechanical timepieces, with JUNKERS and ZEPPELIN you get the most for your money – compared with all other attractive watchbrands- german quality with swiss technology and russian production prices.
For instance when buying a Breitling, you pay 15 times more for less quality and a questionable design.

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